ten years on the road with my moonsister

follow text this color and it will take you places...
a journey through post-atomic new mexico

to the oldest, and artsy-est, capitol city in the states...


roadside kitsch

carrizozo . nm . land of disappeared artists and basketballs. and donkeys.

san antonio . nm

very large array . scanning the skies

quemado . nm

zuni ghost town #1

zuni ghost town #2 . my favorite

not empty, after all...

casamero pueblo ruins . chacoan outlier

lukewarm springs . jemez pueblo

abiquiu dam

a peek into old abiquiu

ruins of santa rosa de lima . built 1734

tierra amarilla . nm


if you're gonna go there, go there. the best coffeehouse on the road.

espanola . nm

santa clara pueblo

chimayo . built 1816

die kirche mit magische erde

gimmie mora new mexico

off the road and into santa fe . land of shadows and light

small jesus full price

meow wolf santa fe . keine worte

making friends along the way. or, you know, not.

san ildefonso pueblo

ironic postcard of the year award goes to...

zusammen im südwesten nach zehn jahren zurück...